Before Protection

Plastic covers can only protect your device to a point. Sometimes accidents happen that are out of our control. Whether it’s a cracked screen, dead battery, or something else, we can repair it all and we work with every brand of phone out there.

With Protection

Call Phone Protection will repair your device’s damage. With our coverage, you can rest assured that we can take care of your problem quickly so we can get you back up and running. Whether you need coverage for business or personal reasons, we cover it all for you.

When my daughter broke her phone, she thought she’d pay hundreds of dollars to replace it. Thankfully, she was covered.

My daughter broke her phone. She went swimming with her friends at the lake and someone knocked it off the pier. She was distraught, because like most people, she paid several hundred dollars to have the latest model unlocked to use on a less expensive network that didn’t offer accident replacement. It’s like losing $600 on the street. I had also broken my phone at one time and had to pay several hundred dollars to replace it. I kept wondering why these other companies didn’t offer protection for their customers? I decided to do something about it and that’s how Cell Phone Protection was born.


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