Damaged Screen


Did your 'virtually unbreakable' cell phone screen crack or shatter? Even with a cover installed, a screen can break if it falls hard or lands in just the right way. We have replaced many screens for a wide variety of mobile phones.

My Screen Is Cracked. What should I do?

A cracked cell phone screen doesn't instantaneously stop the phone from working, so most folks with just deal with the cosmetic issue by ignoring it.

Hey, if it's still working, why bother?

Well, you may be doing more damage to your phone by not fixing it. If shards of the glass break off underneath the screen, they may scratch the sensitive area of the screen, causing dark spots, dead spots, backlight issues or even total loss of functionality. Furthermore, if the shards break off in your pocket or purse, you may get nicks or glass splinters in your leg, fingers or hands - not a pretty picture!

You should replace your screen as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your phone.